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Our Services

Domiciliation & establishment of legal entities.

  • Opening and maintaining bank accounts.
  • Providing a registered office.
  • Providing highly qualified directors.
  • Receiving, processing and storing daily correspondence.
  • Holding shareholder meetings.
  • Maintaining shareholder register.
  • Solving legal formalities.


  • Accounting and financial reporting.
  • Reporting to the client’s board of directors/managers.
  • Preparation of annual and semi-annual reports according to LUX GAAP and/or IFRS.
  • Consolidation.
  • Coordination, advice and assistance.
  • Analysis, review and adjustment of reporting.

Business & tax consulting.

  • Tax and structuring consulting.
  • International tax planning.
  • Tax planning in Luxembourg.
  • Management and control of salary payments.
  • Real estate.
  • Transfer pricing.
  • Merger/Unbundling and corporate restructuring.
  • Tax audit.
  • Property planning.
  • VAT consulting.
  • Compliance with corporate and personal income tax, individual monitoring of risks/opportunities.

Corporate secretariat.

  • Communication with authorities, banks, other service providers.
  • Registration and administration.
  • Accompanying the move of employees and managers to Luxembourg.
  • Operational administration and reporting.
  • Preparing and conducting meetings of the board of directors / shareholders.
  • Assistance in obtaining official documents (notarized legalization, apostille, etc.).
  • Coordination with lawyers and notaries and with company management.
  • Keeping a register of companies.
  • Legal formalities (filing annual accounts, replacement of legal entities).

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