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the inventum experience

Simple doesn’t mean bad.

“Processes  should be organized in a way that is understandable to all parties.

We strive to achieve this through current market practices, deep integration with technology and a systematic approach to digitizing every step.

Our objective is to minimize risks for our clients. In order to obtain this we process  and store large volumes of data and constantly update it.

By communicating with our clients, we quickly get to the real problem and can offer a solution, which works  best in targeted jurisdiction.”

Olga Lomakina

CEO, Inventum SARL

2.5x - Higher Response Rate

Higher response rates allow us to deal with constantly emerging customer objectives and prevent crisis situations.

BP Optimisation

82% of our processes are systematized and digitized.

Analyzed Data

We analyze data in the context of the past, present and make forecasts. This gives us the opportunity to look at the situation from different angles.

All juridictions we work with

Based in Luxembourg, Inventum benefits from a historically reliable, stable and secure eco-system. This position and our working methods have enabled us to build strong relationships with our clients while expanding our business across borders.

Luxembourg, Netherlands, Malta, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus, UK, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Our analysis

Helps to identify the real needs

We are

Strongly results-oriented

Our experience

Gives you an overview of your projects

To Finally

Better achieve your goals

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As an award-winning agency, we are consistently and challenging ourseleves for the betterment. We are your authentic brand.

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